sentences as items

Chris Sheffield cm_sheffield at
Thu Mar 6 12:14:00 EST 2003

I don't know if this will work with itemDelimiter, but
I used this trick in version 2.0 with the new
lineDelimiter property.  It worked well.

What I did was put a special character at the end of
each sentence (NumToChar(160) on Windows and
NumToChar(202) on Mac).  This character looks just
like a space when displayed on screen, but it isn't
really a space.  Then I set the lineDelimiter property
to that character.  It worked perfectly.  You might be
able to do the same thing with itemDelimiter.

Hope that helps.

Chris Sheffield

--- Toma Tasovac <ttasovac at> wrote:
> How can I make Revolution count each sentence in a
> field as an item -- 
> so that I can then easily manipulate whole sentences
> as item 1, item 2 
> etc.  In other words is there a magical way to make
> several characters 
> ("." "?" "!") count as the same itemDelimiter?
> All best,
> Toma
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