Script-Editor disappears under Suse Linux

Martin Baxter martin at
Sun Apr 27 11:08:01 EDT 2003

Just to say that the assumption that this results from "a buggy Linux
window manager" may not be correct.
I'm not competent to commnent on that but FWIW, I saw a similar behaviour
on Mac OS only yesterday. In beta 2.02, rev's window decorations picker
appeared and rapidly disappeared in response to a button click in the
inspector. In my case Quit and restart cleared the behaviour. Can't
reproduce it, sorry, but I thought it worth mentioning.

martin baxter

>Scott Raney wrote
>On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 miscdas at wrote:
>> Aphcard at writes:
>> > I use Revolution 2.0 Beta under Suse Linux 8.2. Every time, when I try
>>to edit the script of an object, the window of the editor shows up, but
>>then quickly disappears. This also happend sometimes with Revolution
>>1.1.1 under Suse Linux 8.1, but not every time (same with the
>>property-editor). Currently, Im am not able to add a script to stack,
>>button etc.. Has somebody  a solution to this problem?
>> > Regards
>> > Andreas
>> > _______________________________________________
>> Sure!  Switch to a MAc or run Windows OS.
>You forgot "Switch to MetaCard", which also doesn't have this problem ;-)
>Seriously, though, there are a lot of buggy window managers out there,
>and RR does stress them pretty heavily and so is more likely to
>trigger their buggy behavior than most other apps.  The first thing to
>try is a different desktop system (i.e., if you're using KDE, switch
>to Gnome, or vice versa).  If you're using an even less popular WM,
>you may just have to give it up until it gets fixed.  You should file a
>bug report with the people responsible for it first, though.
>  Regards,
>    Scott
>> miscdas
>Scott Raney  raney at
>MetaCard: You know, there's an easier way to do that...

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