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Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Sat Apr 26 21:13:01 EDT 2003

At 5:02 PM -0700 4/26/03, Ken Ray wrote:
>their stacking order. To change the order, you simply need to change the
>layer of the object you want to bring to the front. Layer 1 is the
>"back-most", and you can't layer something to a number larger than the
>total number of objects. So I just pick a REALLY large number, like:
>  set the layer of <objectDescriptor> to 10000
>and it automatically is brought to the front and assigned the maximum
>number it can for the number of objects on the screen.

You can use top and bottom, as well as numbers:

  set the layer of field "Whatever" to top -- brings to front

It's probably a bit better in terms of code maintenance, since "top" makes
what you're doing a little clearer than <largenumber>...

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