opening a text file

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sat Apr 26 13:23:01 EDT 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003  erik hansen <erikhans08 at> wrote:

> answer file prompt [with defaultPath] [{with
> filter | of type} types] \ [titled windowTitle]
> i tried:
> answer file "Open Music:" with filter "text
> files"
> answer file "Open Music:" of type text
> with no luck.
> i know i missed something obvious...
Try this:

on mouseUp
  answer file "Choose a textfile" with filter "*.txt" # select a file
from a folder
  put it into ChosenFile                                              #
i.e. path + file
  put "file:"&Chosenfile into URLfile                 # create format
for URL downloading
  put URL URLfile into fld "Textdisplay"
end mouseUp


Wilhelm Sanke

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