DefaultFolder Behavior

MacGuy macbox at
Thu Apr 24 01:01:01 EDT 2003

>> Best i can tell, with one exception the full path to a folder now
>> begins with the word "volumes".
>> [...]
>> the exception seems to be the boot drive, at least under Mac OS X.2.3,
>> here the boot drive is called simply "/",
>> [...]
>> Is this correct?
> Pretty much. There is some stuff on this in the docs (from "About 
> filename
> specifications and file paths"):

the dictionary entry definitely needs an update, all it describes is 
the 1.0 style, no mention of "/volumes" or the new os x style of 
referring to the boot drive.

thanks for including the updated info from the rest of the docs, i can 
see it won't be difficult to update my stacks, though it will be time 
consuming finding all my references (and it's a bummer that i need to 
special case os x ... but such is life)

as always, quick and wonderful help, thank you very much Jeanne!

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