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At 6:37 PM -0700 4/23/03, MacGuy wrote:
>Best i can tell, with one exception the full path to a folder now
>begins with the word "volumes".  So the path to my Applications folder
>on my second drive named "Drive2" is:
>the exception seems to be the boot drive, at least under Mac OS X.2.3,
>here the boot drive is called simply "/", so that the _full path_ to my
>Applications folder on Drive1 (the boot drive) is:
>Is this correct?

Pretty much. There is some stuff on this in the docs (from "About filename
specifications and file paths"):

File paths on OS X systems:
On OS X systems, the startup disk, rather than the desktop, is used as the
top level of the folder structure. This means that the startup disk's name
does not appear in file paths. Instead, the first part of the file path is
the top-level folder that the file is in.

If the disk "Hard Disk" is the startup disk, a typical path on OS X systems
might look like this:
  /Top Folder/My Folder/My File
Notice that the disk name isn't part of this path.

Tip:  If you need to find out the startup disk's name, check the first disk
name returned by the volumes function.

For files on a disk that isn't the startup disk, the file path starts with
"/Volumes" instead of  "/". A typical file path to a file that's on a
non-startup disk on an OS X system looks like this:
  /Volumes/Swap Disk/Folder/file.txt

>Is this how things will work cross-platform?

OS X only. Other platforms continue to work the same way they have in past

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