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At 10:03 PM -0700 4/17/03, Alex Rice wrote:
>On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 10:33  PM, erik hansen wrote:
>> couldn't find a reference to "autocomplete" (in
>> scripting mode) which brings to mind a thread
>> about a complete search of the documents
>> involving a download or something.
>> is this a case where waiting for 2.0 is advised?
>> it would be much easier to just search from
>> inside Rev.

You do know you can search the menu reference, right? (Although actually
when I looked at the menu description for Autocomplete in the reference, it
wasn't very helpful. I've updated it.)

>I've been wondering the same thing. The View menu item "autocomplete"
>is in 1.1.1 also. How is this feature supposed to be used?

As you start typing a word, various numbered choices appear at the bottom
of the script window. For example, if you type "c", the autocomplete bar at
the bottom shows "1. call  2. cancel  3. case  4. catch  5. choose  6.
clear  7. click  8. clone". As you type more characters, the choices narrow
down (typing "cl" gives you "1. clear  2. click  3. clone  4. close"). At
any point, you can press command-number or control-number to enter the word
with that number.

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