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On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 10:33  PM, erik hansen wrote:

> couldn't find a reference to "autocomplete" (in
> scripting mode) which brings to mind a thread
> about a complete search of the documents
> involving a download or something.
> is this a case where waiting for 2.0 is advised?
> it would be much easier to just search from
> inside Rev.

I've been wondering the same thing. The View menu item "autocomplete" 
is in 1.1.1 also. How is this feature supposed to be used?

My favorite autocomplete tool is one that is available for Apple 
Project Builder. It's called ODCompletionDictionary 
( You hit ESC repeatedly and it cycles through all 
the possible completions. None of those obtrusive popup contextual 
menus like you see in a lot of IDEs. It cycles through the words in the 
current document, as well as a preset dictionary of completions you can 
maintain - for templates and such. Very useful and intuitive.

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