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Thanks Kurt,

Clear and consise without being curt ;-)

If I put it in a preopenstack handler:-

on preopenstack
blah blah blah
If the platforms windows then get shell ("attrib -r" && tFileName)
blah blah
end preopenstack

will it matter that it is run every time despite the property only actually 
needing to be set once?

The mist is slowly clearing and I realise I have spent weeks trying to track 
various bugs that are actually only generated after a write operation 
following a CD build.  When I build on Mac and test under VPC it all works. 
Boo for that.  But hooray for the list telling me something unbeievably worth 

As an aside, in attempting to track down the 'bugs', I built with the error 
reporting option checked.  There were no complaints that I was trying to 
write to a locked stack.  Is this expected behaviour?

Thanks again to everyone.

In a message dated 18/4/03 7:17:54 AM, Kurt Kaufman writes:

<< David wrote:

"...I just read Jan Schenkel's contribution.
Sadly, I don't understand it.  Help anyone?..."

get shell ("attrib -r" && tFileName)

If you look at the Transcript Dictionary's definition for "shell", 
you'll see that DOS commands can be used in the Windows environment to 
change a file's attributes (such as whether it is read-only or not).

Above, the "attrib -r"  means that the file is to be made "writable", 
and the "tFileName" is a name for a variable in which you can place the 
path to the stack that you wish to make "writable >>

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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