Where can I a report RR version 2 bugs ?

Andre Rombauts andre.rombauts at win.be
Thu Apr 17 01:52:01 EDT 2003

I read:

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Where can a K12 user report bugs? I posted a message here but had no reply -
I mean no acknowledge from RR... :-(


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Subject: Re: What does RR do when it encounters an error?

> > Oh, in general I like v2, but I'm getting lots of errors on
> > internals. Haven't had that in a while. They're caused by errors of
> > mine undoubtedly, but still: when I program in C I don't expect a
> > syntax error to crash the compiler.
> Bug reports usually go to the Improve Rev list, and can be addressed if
> include a recipe to reproduce the error.

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