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In a message dated 16/4/03 12:13:40 AM, Mark Talluto writes:

<< I would avoid your gif idea completely as .gif animations were never 
designed for video work.  All you will get is a hack that could be done 
better with better codecs designed for the work.  I would use something 
like Snapz Pro from  If I remember correctly, you 
want to record your screen while you are doing things for demo 
purposes.  You could use that app to record your mouse movements.  It 
will recorder your voice while you are doing the actions as well.  It 
will then output your file to at QT video complete with audio.  Then, 
use QT pro to take that file and convert it to .avi complete with 
audio. are done in a matter of minutes after recording. >>

Thanks.  That sounds like the way to go   It was where I was sort of heading, 
but I got sidetracked with the wrong screen capture software.  

Mind you, I am still surprised to find that I couldn't add an audio track to 
my animation in  QT pro by watching the movie and dictating along with it.

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