stack corrupted?

Emmanuel Companys mcompanys at
Wed Apr 16 04:39:01 EDT 2003

Le mardi, 15 avr 2003, à 07:05 Europe/Paris, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto a 
écrit :

> At 2:13 AM -0700 4/10/03, Emmanuel Companys wrote:
>> My stack (almost finished) is more and more behaving in a annoying 
>> way:
> [annoyances deleted]
>> Is there any way to fix my stack or must I t redo it from scratch?  
>> Any
>> idea of what may have caused this trouble?
> Are you sure that this is a problem with your stack? It sounds more 
> like
> the development environment has been damaged somehow. I don't think a
> problem with the stack would cause these symptoms.
> I'd suggest downloading a new copy of Rev 1.1.1 and installing it, and
> re-entering your license key. Then try again with your stack and see
> whether this fixes the problems you're seeing.

Thank you, Jeanne.

In the meanwhile I re-made the sack from scratch, and things are OK, 
except the option-command short cut, that stopped working after three 
days. But some of the symptons shhowd up only when the old stack was 
also opened.

I must say that my previous stack was begun with HyperCard, then 
continued with RR 1.1. under macOS 9, then 1.1.1   and finally uder 
macOS10.2. Couldn't theese change be a cause of the troubles? In my new 
stack some object references dont behave as previously : the use of cd 
and bg before btn and fld, and therefore, the number of the objects.

I didn't notice any problem with a previous stack started with RR 1.1 
finished with 1.1.1 under classic and used now under macOS 10.2.4.

I'll eventually report my observations, since they might be usefull to 
other users.


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