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Kartolina Kartolina at
Mon Apr 14 04:12:33 EDT 2003

>>Thanks for the great response. I see your point that the markets I'm
>>targeting are so specific that people just don't go to shareware sites to
>look for that kind of app.


>This app has some interesting marketing possibilities.  I would try 
>marketing to gyms, physical therapists, hospitals, private 
>practices, nutritionists, etc.

Perhaps you might consider setting up an affiliate or percentage of 
profit incentive for the targeted group(s).  Sales generated from web 
sites of gyms, nutritionists, etc could be split
if they come originate from a specific gym's web site for example. 
Kagi has the capability
to split  purchase payments...this would give the gym incentive to 
explain/pitch your app
in any sort of newsletter they send out also.


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