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erik hansen erikhans08 at
Thu Apr 10 18:22:01 EDT 2003

--- Ken Ray <kray at> wrote:
> Erik, are you trying to know exactly where the
> user clicked (I mean "in
> the left margin next to line 3 of the field"),
> or just whether the user
> clicked on text or not?

the areas in a field that have NO text are the
concern. say my third line has only 20 chars of
text and the field is wide enough to  handle 80
chars. click where char 40 would be (if i had
padded 80 spaces) and you get no reading.

the user is used to a cursor "snapping" back to 
the end of the text. 

the easy solution is just to pad with spaces
before and after the text. all the editor needs
to know is that the user clicked on a char before
or after a string of linked text. there could be
1 char or 100 chars between word 1 and word 2.
the result would be "1 2" in my usage. before
word 1 is "0 1"

erik at

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