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Wed Apr 9 14:05:01 EDT 2003

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> Subject: Re: ANSWER FOLDER
> Correction: Actually it always starts at "My Computer".
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>> I am trying ANSWER FOLDER with the WITH clause, but the dialog that pops
> up
>> always starts at the root of my C drive, even when I pass it a valid
>> starting point with the WITH clause. Seems to be the same under 1.1.1 and
>> 2.0. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ?
You have to name the folder(s) you want to open in a filepath, otherwise it
will always start with the defaultFolder, unless you reset what the
defaultFolder is in the script. Even then, the list will only show you the
filetypes you establish with the "with..." parameter which are in that
folder ONLY. What does your actual script say?

I'm betting you are expecting it to go through other folders and subfolders
to find your list because of the "with", but I don't think it will, although
you haven't told us what the "with..." is. IOW, it looks like you may need
to establish a filepath to the folder with the files you need, then use the
"with" to limit the filetypes it shows you in the list.

Ken N.

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