Rev as Front End to Command Line

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Wed Apr 9 13:11:01 EDT 2003

Yup... you could do that. Rev's got the "shell()" function that lets you
send and receive data through the command line.

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> I have a very general question.  I know almost nothing about Rev's 
> capabilites.
> I would like to create a UI to a database server that runs on Linux, 
> MacOSX and Windows.  All configuration and management is done the 
> through the command line.  I am wondering if Rev could be 
> used to build 
> a UI that could run all the command lines interpret the responses and 
> moves files around on the server. Ideally you could use the app to 
> connect to a remote server or one on the same box.
> We currently have an HTML interface that does all this using perl 
> scripts.  I would love to build a much more polished interface using 
> Rev if it was possible
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Todd
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