Beta 2.0 - Bugs 'n' stuff

Ron rbarber at
Wed Apr 9 02:27:01 EDT 2003

This will sound stupid, but I found a use for it.

I have a script that puts info about the selectedfld of the topstack when it
opens. Not all of my topstacks have flds and I'm forever getting 'no such
object' error messages when working with that stack or stacks related to it.
I commented out the offending line but then forget to uncomment it when I
make builds. Checking the suppress error btn lets me work with that stack a
little easier. This use is not by design, I don't recommend it because it
doesn't catch the other errors so you don't write with suggestions on how to
deal with my approach ;) You asked when you don't want to know when its
broken - when you (already) know its broken, I guess.


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>> This thread reminds me:  There's a button in the toolbar to suppress error
>> warnings -- under what circumstances would you not want to know that your
>> script is broken?
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> Ditto. I wondered the same thing.
> Ken N.
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