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On 6/4/03 4:43 am, kee nethery <kee at> wrote:

>> Did I miss something about 2.0 supporting SSL?  I couldn't find
>> reference to
>> it on the Rev 2.0 page -- where do I get the details?
> I could be totally wrong about 2.0 supporting SSL. I'm not using 2.0
> beta (in our production environment beta software is not worth using).
> When "SSL shortly after 2.0 is released" is mentioned, what is a
> typical "shortly after" time frame? Years, months weeks or days?  If
> 2.0 is not going to support SSL for more than a month then it sounds
> like it is time for us to build the registration algorithms for Kagi
> using the alternate method that does not utilize SSL.

SSL is planned for what will probably be the 2.2 release.  We're going for
much smaller more regular releases after 2.0, so that won't be too long
away, but will be more than a month.  The only exception is that we do
support SSL with MySQL in 2.0.


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