unicode in 2.0

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 6 05:31:01 EDT 2003

--- Toma Tasovac <ttasovac at princeton.edu> wrote:
> On Sunday, April 6, 2003, at 01:27  AM, Ron wrote:
> > so try this: set the unicodetext of fld 1 to 
> > uniencode(myCyrillictext,"utf")
> Thanks, Ron.
> set the unicodeText of fld "test" to uniEncode(URL 
> "binfile:Cyrillic.txt","Unicode")  -- produces no
> result whatsoever, 
> i.e. empty field, no error message.
> set the unicodeText of fld "test" to URL
> "binfile:Cyrillic.txt" -- 
> produces Japanese (or what looks to me like
> Japanese) but definitely 
> not Cyrillic.
> In other words, I still can't get Cyrillic UTF-8
> files to display 
> properly.  Sorry to be such a pain in the neck...
> T.

Hi Toma,

Admittedly I don't know much abou unicode. But have
you set the textFont of the field first to something
like "Arial,cyrillic"
I'mnot sure if it helps, so best of luck,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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