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Alex Rice alrice at
Thu Apr 3 13:02:01 EST 2003

On Wednesday, April 2, 2003, at 02:57  PM, Dave Cragg wrote:

> Does it have to run on platforms other than XP? I forget offhand if 
> all older Windows versions have an Application data folder. But what 
> I've done if specialFolderPath returns empty is to just use the 
> application folder. This assumes that the user can write to Program 
> Files, but I think it's a fairly safe assumption in such cases.

Good point. The Windows Explorer hides to many files and folders that 
it took me a while to even convince myself that Application Data really 

> I think that specialFolderPath will return empty if the folder doesn't 
> exist, so this part may be unnecessary. But don't take my word for it.

That one's actually for creating my app's subfolder in there.


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