Just another player.

Malte Brill malte.brill at t-online.de
Fri Nov 29 09:32:01 EST 2002

Hi there,
I just want to announce that runrev have put a stack of me, based on the
German Workshop I wrote, on their users contribution site.
It is just another player stack. :-)
This one with a little more scripting. The stack runs in fullscreen mode up
to 1024x768 pixels. If the screen resolution is higher, it still runs in
1024x768, but is centered in the middle of the screen. It will also be
centered if the resolution is not in a 4:3 aspect ratio (e.g. Cinema
Display). The player contains a "jogwheel" (scalebar), with 2 scrolling
speeds forwards and backwards.  Movies will be scaled in the correct aspect
ratio (4:3 ,16:9 or any other ratio) to fit as big as possible on the card.

If you want to take a quick look at it and have any comments I am happy to
receive them.



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