Bug: Launch Not work on OSX/OSX Rotate image trick

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Fri Nov 29 00:14:01 EST 2002

Though my license does not expire until January 18, 2003 I was 
unsubscribed from the Improve list, so will send bug reports here in 
the hope they are not bugs but only what I don't know.

OSX 10.2.2 Rev 1.5

Problems with Launch command:
1) Rev will not "forget' that the application is no longer running.

a) set an application path to BBEdit in a preference field.
b) Launch a file using

launch "some/File/path" with "/Applications/BBedit 6.5/BBEdit 6.5

First time (BBedit is not open) the file is opened... as expected.

Quit BBEdit...

use the launch button again.. .this time the file is not launched...
  if I quit Rev and re-boot, it is launched.

Not a bug, but a "how to?"
2) The documentation clearly states that if the application is already 
open then "launch" will do nothing... OK, so, then, how does one open a 
file in an already running application?  Of course I can use 
applescript... but would rather stay in xTalk.

3) this is totally obscure problem with Adobe products... anyone know 
about this?

Launch "somepath/some.jpg" with "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 
7.0/Adobe Photoshop 7.0

will not work... and, what is even stranger, if you do

answer file "Find your copy of Photoshop"
put it

and locate the application, Rev returns:

/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 7.0/Adobe Photoshop 7.0/

with a "/" at the end, even though it appears that you are pointing to 
the Adobe photoshop file and not a folder??

Almost got my little image manager CPU wrapped up... helper apps are 
the last leg for file times  that Rev can't put into an image object.

FYI: here;s a great little script for anyone on OSX handling incoming 
photos from digital cameras that need to be rotated... runs great from 

Put this in your image object, whose image is a file ref.

on mouseUp
   put the filename of me into mySource
   put mySource into tPath
   replace "/" with ":" in tPath
   delete char 1 of tPath
   put fld "appleScript" into tScript
   replace "###sourcePath###" with tPath in tScript
   answer "Rotate" with "90" or "-90" or "Cancel"
   if it is "Cancel" then exit mouseUp
   replace "###angle###" with it in tScript
   do tScript as applescript
set the filename of me to empty ## refresh image
set the filename of me to mySource
end mouseUp

And this in your applescript field:

	tell application "Image Capture Scripting"
		set this_image to open file "###sourcePath###"
		rotate this_image to angle "###angle###"
		save this_image in file "###sourcePath###"
	end tell
	return true
on error error_message
	return false
end try

Image Capture Scripting is a scripting addition and this all runs in 
the background.

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami

Himalayan Academy Publications
katir at hindu.org

www.HimalayanAcademy.com, www.HinduismToday.com
www.Gurudeva.org, www.Hindu.org

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