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Wed Nov 27 18:10:01 EST 2002

If you are not getting your RR list because of a blacklist problem aka
Spews, you can contact your mailserver ISP and request they quit using
Spews. There are a number of effective anti-spam client controls including
bayesian filters and Cloudmark's Spamnet. These blacklists are as bad as the
spammers and you *should* protest. There's no telling *how* much vital email
you're missing.


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> > Hello RR list,
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> > I'm used to getting 2 or more digest versions of this list daily, but
> > Ihaven' received anything since Sunday morning. Either things are really
> > slow or else there's a problem.
> >
> > Any response?
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Ken N.
> We are having a small problem at the moment. A smallish percentage of our
> users are being affected by an incorrect blacklisting of our IP address by
> SPEWS, an anti spam organisation. Apparently, this organisation takes it
> upon itself to blacklist not only IP addresses that are sending spam, but
> also all neighbouring, innocent IP addresses, and in some cases entire
> ISP's. A number of reputable ISP's then use this blacklist to block all
> email from those addresses. Your ISP is probably one of them.
> Unfortunately,
> SPEWS is uncontactable, unresponsive, and as far as I can tell, actively
> does not want to remove innocent businesses from their blacklisting, since
> it relies on us to complain to our ISP's and get the spam operations shut
> down. We are attempting to do this. How long it will take and how
> successful
> we will be, I do not know.
> In the meantime, all I can suggest is that you contact me directly if you
> have specific enquiries about Revolution, and I can respond through my
> backup email address. You can reach the digests online, from the archives,
> or at
> For a searchable list.
> My apologies for this very annoying interruption to our usual service.
> Regards,
> Heather
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