Security of program's content files

Igor de Oliveira Couto info at
Tue Nov 19 17:55:01 EST 2002

Dear Barry,

On Wednesday, November 20, 2002, at 08:17  AM, Barry Levine wrote:

> So my question is: How can I encrypt (if that's the right word) the 
> files so that they are useless to anyone -except- when running my 
> program?

I seem to remember seeing an XCMD somewhere that did file 
encryption/decryption. If I am correct, perhaps one of the more 
experienced users can give us a pointer towards the developer's 

Is your software going to run on Windows as well as Macs? - I think you 
can probably use AppleScript on the Mac to encode files with a 
password, even though that is not a very elegant solution...

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Igor de Oliveira Couto
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