swf files?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Sun Nov 17 15:06:01 EST 2002

> > Anyway, thank to QT, we can have Flash, if we like...
> Yes but in this case I loose the biggest argument for rev: really
> crossplatform. An d hav eteh installation problem. IS there a rev
> sniffer for the installed QT version and an automatic installer stack
> for  QT..?

Yes, check out the QTVersion() function. As far as an installer stack for
QT, you'd need to download the installer from Apple and then cause your Rev
app to launch the installer if QTVersion() returns an "old" result.

> And as I know there is no QT for Linux or I m wrong...?

No, there's no version of QT for Linux; there are several "converters" that
will convert QT to a form that can be played in Linux under another player,
but you can't use those inside Rev as a "player" object.

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