Sound not playing sometimes. Why?

Marian Petrides mpetrides at
Fri Nov 15 13:37:00 EST 2002

Full length of the sound's file name appears to be an issue.  If one exceeds
certain limit for full pathname/filename then the sound (or video) file
appears not to play.  I suspect that the files that play properly have file
names that are (a trifle) shorter than those which do not play properly

You can test this by putting everything (your stack, the audio files, etc.) 
in a folder at root level and then running the app.  If I'm right, then this
should solve your problem.

If I'm right about the cause, then one workaround would be to hard code the
pathnames of the audio files in your scripts rather than using relative
pathnames.  This has its disadvantages, especially if you plan on distributing
your app, but it does work--and isn't a problem for me, since my intention (at
the request of my publisher) is to have the app run off the distribution CD.



On Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:04:50 -0700 Barry Levine <themacguy at> wrote:

> I have a stack with a player object. No matter
> how I assign the 
> fileName property or play the sound (via
> transcript or the message 
> box), I have at least one audio file that will
> not play some of the 
> time. My audio files are all AIF 22KHz, 16bit,
> mono.
> It was suggested that I first set the fileName
> to empty and then re-set 
> the property to the correct name. I've tried
> this. Also tried playing 
> the "empty" player before re-setting the
> fileName property. No luck.
> I've tried "pre-playing" the sound (playing it
> with the playLoudness 
> set to 0) and then playing it at the proper
> volume. No luck.
> I've found some consistency:
> Play the sound the first time and it will fail
> (even if played twice in 
> one handler).
> Play the same sound the second time (without
> changing the fileName to 
> something else and back again) and it plays
> fine.
> Change the fileName property to some other
> audio file and it plays 
> (with the other sound).
> Change it back to the original fileName and it
> will fail to play. Play 
> it again (another event triggering the same
> handler) and it plays fine.
> I've even tried playing the sound TWICE in one
> handler (with no "wait" 
> delay between) and the same consistency
> applies.
> What can I do to work around this? Another
> audio format? Will Rev 2.0 
> resolve it?
> Thanks,
> Barry
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