Transparent Images

paolo mazza mazzapaolo at
Thu Nov 14 15:45:01 EST 2002

Thank you for your messages.
So,  there is not way to have transparent pixels of an image to answer mouse
events unless you trap the mouse event in a button or in a ghaphic.
Now I can relax... I thought I was missing the point.
Thanks,  Paolo

>> All transparent pixels in  images ignore mouse events.
>> How can I change this?
>> I wuold like transparent pixels of my images  answer to mouse events and I
>> do not want to set the image as the icon of a button.
> Bon journo, Paolo:
> Place a button with this handler behind the image:
> on mouseUp
> send mouseUp to image [your image name or "id" + image id here]
> end mouseUp
> Ciao!
> -- 
> Rob Cozens
> CCW, Serendipity Software Company

>Or use a polygon and have *it* trap and send the mouseUp message...

>Ken Ray
>Sons of Thunder Software
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