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At 5:39 PM -0800 11/10/02, Igor Couto wrote:
>Hail, Oh Revolution Masters!

Greetings, Igor. ;-)

>I am afraid I am a Revolution newbie, and as such, will ask questions
>that may annoy the more experienced users in the list. Nevertheless,
>after furiously jumping from one place to another in the documentation,
>I decided that it might be a better use of my time if I asked for some
>help and guidance from the experts!

Speaking as the docs person, I'm happy to see newbies post their questions
here. Not only does it give them a source of quick help, but it gives me a
better idea of where the docs need improvement.

>1) How do I save more than one type of data (text and graphics) to a
>single file?

The simplest way of doing this is to save the data in a stack file. Stack
files can save all the objects (of course), and this way you don't need to
come up with a file format - just put the data into a stack, save the
stack, and there you are. You can use the create stack command to make a
stack (or use the clone command to copy a substack you keep inside your

You can refer to objects in the stack to get your data and put it into
objects in your main user interface. (Or you can make the saved stack
itself part of your user interface.)

>3) Is there a way to take the GRAPHICS data out of Revolution and into
>other drawing programs? Is there a way to EXPORT the graphs (made out
>of tens of graphic objects) that my stack produces to a standard
>format, so that they can be imported into other applications?

For graphics, there's no built-in way. You can export images, so one
possibility is to use the import snapshot command to make an image out of a
finished graph, then use the export command to export that image to a file.

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