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Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu Nov 7 23:49:04 EST 2002

We are trying to use Rev (or MC) to analyze a web site access log that 
is 3 million lines long, a 300 meg (or more) file.

If I try a shell script (interpreted) or pascal program (compiled) each 
runs in about 2 minutes on this file but an xTalk script takes a very 
long time, maybe it hangs forever?  shell and pascal can read the file 
one line at a time and process the line but not sure how to do it in mc.

Here's the code

shell, 2 lines

fgrep mystic_mouse | wc -l

pascal, 16 lines

Program detect;
  buffer    : string;
  result    : integer;
Begin {main}
  buffer := '';
  result := 0;
  While (Not(eof)) Do
    If (pos('mystic_mouse', buffer) > 0) Then
  End; {file}
End. {program}

metacard, 13 lines

on startup
  put empty into the_message
  put 0 into the_counter
  read from stdin until empty
  put it into the_message
  repeat for each line this_line in the_message
    if (this_line contains "mystic_mouse") then
      put the_counter + 1 into the_counter
    end if
  end repeat
  put the_counter
end startup

is there a more efficient way in Transcript to do this?

Well, to try it out, I chopped down the log to a half million lines, 
then I got these times:  shell script, 22 seconds.  Pascal 7 seconds.  
metacard 13 minutes and still running ??

I would like never to have to say that "Metacard/Revolution can't do 

Before I tackle it further I was thinking someone had already invented 
this wheel.

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Sannyasin Sivakatirswami
Editor's Assistant/Production Manager
katir at,,,
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