Cool generic scripts...

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Nov 5 11:37:01 EST 2002


Some of the commands in libURL are asychronous. So it is possible to issue a
command and then continue woriking in RR. In these cases, killsockets would
help if one was to quit before a command was finishing executing. Course,
I'm not sure RR/MC doesn't automatically kill sockets when quitting (??)

I have built some of my own socket protocols for file transfer and seem to
remember having some problem with a 'residual' effect after quitting a
program with sockets open...that's why I use the killsockets on close stack
script. It can't hurt.


> Thanks for closeStack/killSockets tip, Chipp. Would using such a
> script be adviseable even in stacks which don't manual open sockets,
> but which do access URLs such as FTP sites using the a command like:
> get URL "" , which presumably both open and close a
> socket within that one command?

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