Cool generic scripts...

Brad Allen BradAllen at
Tue Nov 5 07:30:01 EST 2002

Thanks for closeStack/killSockets tip, Chipp. Would using such a 
script be adviseable even in stacks which don't manual open sockets, 
but which do access URLs such as FTP sites using the a command like: 
get URL "" , which presumably both open and close a 
socket within that one command?

>for instance, I usually put the following in all my stacks:
>on closeStack
>   if exists(stack "revMenubar") or exists(stack "Home") then
>     beep
>   else
>     answer question "Are you sure you want to Quit?" with "No" or "Yes"
>     if it is "Yes" then
>       killSockets
>       quit
>     end if
>   end if
>end closeStack
>on killSockets
>   put openSockets() into theSocks
>   repeat for each line sock in theSocks
>     close socket sock
>   end repeat
>end killSockets
>this checks to see if I'm in RR (stack "revMenubar") or MC (stack "Home").
>Also, I need to trap it in other stacks or else they'll quit the application
>when they close a window.
>Any others out there?

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