revGoURL unexpected results

Karl Petersen karlpet at
Sun May 26 09:57:01 EDT 2002

Running the script in Mac OS 9.1, IE refuses to open the file unless 
a third "/" is inserted after "file:". Perhaps IE requires two, plus 
Rev adds one for the pathname?

Without the third slash, perhaps the URL isn't in the format IE 
expects. That may cause IE to hand the file off to TextEdit to open.

Inserting "localhost" causes the script to fail here. If adding 
another slash fails, you might try it without "localhost".


At 2:42 PM -0600 5/25/02, Barry Levine wrote:
>ask file "Please provide a name for this file" with "Untitled-" & 
>the seconds & ".htm"
>   if it is not empty then -- if the user wants to save the file
>     put myVar into URL ("file:" & it) -- myVar has the contents of the file
>     -- hard disk name becomes "localhost" under OSX, maybe other OS's too?
>     put it into myVar
>     set the itemDelimiter to "/"
>     put "localhost" into item 2 of myVar
>     --answer myVar -- for testing purposes
>     revGoURL "file:/" & myVar
>   end if
>Here's the strange part: The file, though written exactly as 
>expected, opens in TextEdit rather than IE (which is what is 
>configured in the Internet System Pref); and TextEdit displays the 
>file perfectly (with the html table I generated in a earlier part of 
>the handler displying perfectly).
>Before I replaced the name of my hard drive with "localhost", IE 
>would launch -but- only my homepage would display.

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