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Klaus Major k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de
Sat May 25 14:38:01 EDT 2002

Hi Jim and all,

there is a list somewhere called "xTalk".

I think that would be the right place for this "linguistic and semantic 
for beginners/intermediates" thread.

Please continue this academic "battle" there.

And you may also consult Mr. Scott Raney, who might have to say 
something to this thread ;-)

But i am sure he's got some more important work to do ;-)
(Making MC to support the full UNIX-strength of OS X...)

>   Tyue, but there has always been a difference between proper written 
> English and "proper" spoken English (the Queen's Enlgish or whatever), 
> and whatever is actually spoken by people.  Who/Whom is a case in point 
> (IMO, that distinction will be all but gone in spoken english within 20 
> years if not already, and may fade from written English within 100 
> years [especailly if we had an intervening world war that destroyed 
> most of the dictionaries..])  Farther/Further is another favorite point 
> of contention, one referring to distance and the other to degree.  
> James Kilpatrick's newspaper column "The Writer's Art" in the 
> Bloomington Herald Times (it may be syndicated as well) loves this kind 
> of linguistic confusion.
>   BUT, I haven't been following this thread since it's beginning, but 
> it seems to me that if there is some confusion on whether 'on' or 
> 'onto' is more correct, then xTalk should support BOTH.  Yes this leads 
> to a technically more verbose syntax.  But considering the words in 
> question are so morphologically and semantically close to each other 
> makes this easier to swallow than Applescript allowing you to address 
> parameters using the pronouns with,from,to,onto, etc, etc, etc 
> ("Dammit!  Which pronoun do I have to use to get this to work!!?")
> Jim


Klaus Major
k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de

Has someone ever heard about arguing about the syntax of C or C++ or 
Java or whatever ?

What is so difficult to learn some expressions that are SOOOOO close to 
the english language.

What about the non native speaking folks ? Do we compain about that ?

Looks like you have to much free time ;-)

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