[OT] onTO - How's that - OTonTO

Jim Witte jswitte at bloomington.in.us
Sat May 25 14:04:01 EDT 2002

   Tyue, but there has always been a difference between proper written 
English and "proper" spoken English (the Queen's Enlgish or whatever), 
and whatever is actually spoken by people.  Who/Whom is a case in point 
(IMO, that distinction will be all but gone in spoken english within 20 
years if not already, and may fade from written English within 100 years 
[especailly if we had an intervening world war that destroyed most of 
the dictionaries..])  Farther/Further is another favorite point of 
contention, one referring to distance and the other to degree.  James 
Kilpatrick's newspaper column "The Writer's Art" in the Bloomington 
Herald Times (it may be syndicated as well) loves this kind of 
linguistic confusion.

   BUT, I haven't been following this thread since it's beginning, but it 
seems to me that if there is some confusion on whether 'on' or 'onto' is 
more correct, then xTalk should support BOTH.  Yes this leads to a 
technically more verbose syntax.  But considering the words in question 
are so morphologically and semantically close to each other makes this 
easier to swallow than Applescript allowing you to address parameters 
using the pronouns with,from,to,onto, etc, etc, etc ("Dammit!  Which 
pronoun do I have to use to get this to work!!?")


> Ah, but just because a particular syntax is easier or more frequently 
> used,
> does not make it correct. Case in point: Many people use the preposition
> 'in' all the time, rather than using 'into' when appropriate; however, 
> as an
> early grade school teacher of mine drove into our heads, 'jumping in a 
> pool'
> and 'jumping into a pool' mean two different things

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