Simple Chat's limits?

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Sun May 12 03:55:00 EDT 2002

First off, many thanks to David Vaughan, the function
to walk the directory structure was major cool  :)
on a totally different topic, I was looking at the
Simple Chat stacks on RunRev's site and was wondering
what kind of load they could handle without dropping
text sent by users?
Could the server handle 20 users chatting at the same
time?  What about a hundred?  Are Revolution's socket
commands robust enough to handle even more then that?
(regardless of the logistics of a chat room with
several hundred people in it, I'm just wondering if
rev could handle it)
I'm using a 500Mhz G3, would that be enough
horsepower, or would I need to be running a faster
How about the connection, if I'm connected to a high
speed data line through a router, can the chat clients
connect to me?  How do I figure out the server IP
address?  My attempts returned the IP address that the
router served up (i.e., I'm assuming
that no one else outside of my lan can connect to that
address, right?).  

If I switched to a normal 56k dialup would i start
losing incoming data?

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