Playing players in sequence

Klaus Major kmajor at
Mon May 6 07:55:01 EDT 2002

Hi Kurt and Greg,

> > I want to play a series of sound files (xxx.aiff) one after another.
> > I am using Quicktime player objects (as I may need to use MP3's later
> > on). The problem is I can't get them to play one after the other.
> > They all want to play at once. I have tried "wait until the sound is
> > done", but this has no effect. I have found playstopped, but cannot
> > see if and how this could assist.
> initial script:
> play videoclip "sound1"

i am not sure, if this will work.

As i remember well, the "play" command will create a temporary player to 
play the audio/video
and that player will be deleted after the audio/video is finished.

So maybe it should read: start player "sound1"

If your players are on one card, then you could put something like this 
in the card-script.

on playstopped  the_player
##the short name of the player that has stopped is an argument to this 
   switch the_player
      case "sound1"
           start player "sound2"
      case "sound2"
           start player "sound3"
   end switch
end playstopped

Not tested, but should work ;-)

Hope this helps.


Klaus Major
kmajor at

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