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Wed Jun 26 10:20:01 EDT 2002


The provider will need to have your server software running on one of 
their computers. I would suggest you make it a standalone unless you 
want to do some debugging on the live system. There is no reason they 
should have to buy a copy of Revolution just to host your application.

There is an example Chat stack on the Rev site which shows how to set up 
a specific TCP/IP port to communicate with.

There are many service providers who offer this kind of hosting service. 
They will need to know which TCP/IP port(s) you will need which is not a 
big deal. Most hosting services can allow you to provide you own 
computer if you like but will usually prefer to run your application on 
one of theirs. My experience is that they will probably prefer to host 
your application on Linux or Macintosh instead of Windows although some 
support that as well. Of course with Rev you can make it any way you 
like. :-)

I can't give you any recommendations as I don't use any but they are out 


On Wednesday, June 26, 2002, at 07:23  AM, paolo mazza wrote:

> I have an some questions concerning  server-side applications developed 
> with
> Revolution.
> What is required from the server provider to run an application 
> developed
> with Revolution (let's say a chat server)?
> Am I supposed to post on the server a stand-alone application or just a
> stack?
> Do you know any server provider offering (for a reasonable price) this 
> kind
> of service?
> Thanks, Paolo
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