Change the icon on Windows?

Magnus von Brömsen webmaster at
Wed Jun 26 09:31:01 EDT 2002

At last :)

Trevor, Extensor, Derek, Jan and others,
now I have been able to change the icon in Windows. (It was not Priority 
One on my list).

I tried AX-icons and one called ArtIcon pro. I find that ArtIcon was 
easiest (for me) - just open the .exe file and the .ico file - and then 

I have not yet checked on another computer -- but I think is works 
because you are inside the .exe file changing the icon. I hope :)

Thanks again for all help.

On torsdag, juni 13, 2002, at 09:06 , Trevor DeVore wrote:

> In the past I have used Microangelo ( to 
> change the
> icons for my windows executables.  It allows you to modify a complete 
> range of
> icon attributes by modifying the executable file.  I have used this 
> with the
> executables created by Director and iShell in the past for 
> distribution.  Very
> good program.
> Trevor DeVore
> Blue Mango Multimedia
>>> I use Axialis - AX-Icons 4.5 to change my Windows icons.
>> I just checked out this program and it does the same thing as every 
>> other
>> Windows Icon program.  It just changes the icon information on that 1
>> machine.
>> I think the problem in question is how to change or use icons in
>> MetaCard/RunRev programs that have a color depth that is greater than 
>> 16
>> colors.
>> I have been looking for something like this for sometime, but it seems 
>> to me
>> that there should be something out there for this.  It would be nice if
>> Windows was a little bit more like a Macintosh in this department.
>> Derek Bump
>> Dreamscape Software, Inc.
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