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Monte Goulding monte.goulding at
Fri Jun 21 03:42:01 EDT 2002

Hi All

Just a quick note about a new script library I've developed with the
assistance of the trusty Script Library plugin I developed a little while
ago ;-)

Price: Free ;-)

Save it to your components/save/userscripts folder

Implements a new field property XMLText.
XMLText can be viewed in two different ways.

--== Styled Text View (The default) ==--

Uses style sheet information stored in the StyleXML custom property of the
field or any of it's owners. Thus, style information is inherited through
the object hierarchy.

StyleXML is a custom property set with each custom property being a style
tag. The style information for each tag is stored in the custom property ie
StyleXML["heading"] would store the style information for the heading tag.

There are setProp handlers already defined to make setting this style info
easier but here is the overall format if you want to set everything at once:

Style information is stored as:
line 1: font info (face,size,color,bgcolor)
line 2: text style tags (sub,super,i,b,expanded... etc) - can be in any
line 3: something you want to put at the start (HTML)
line 4: something you want to put at the end (HTML)
line 5: tags to put around the entire lot (mainly for p tags for headings
and such)

--== Tree View ==-- (Thanks Chipp!)

Note: This only works with Rev 1.1.1b1 at this stage but should work with
1.2 when it comes out.

To view the XMLText using the tree view either set the XMLTree of the field
to true before setting the XMLText or send "XMLTree&&true" to field

You can use attributes handlerName="parameters" and Icon="iconNumber"
(always put the icon attribute last)

The message handlerName will be sent to your field when you click on the
link that represents the XML tag. You MUST handle the message or an error
will occur.

The icon will appear next to the plus/flipper icon.

Cheers from Down Under

Monte Goulding
B.App.Sc. (Hons.)

Executive Director
Sweat Technologies

email: monte at
mobile: (+61) 0421 138 274

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