Stand-alone crash on quit enigma

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Thu Jun 20 09:12:01 EDT 2002

>I am testing a MacOS PPC stand alone and I am finding a weird behavior.
>Sometimes, and not reproducibly, I get the "this application has
>unexpectedly quit" when I am in fact, quitting it (sending the Quit
>command). Sometimes not. I've tried adding a close and purge (set to
>destroy) all stacks before quitting, but still get this inconsistent result.
>When I added tooltips to some buttons, it seems to have gotten worse -- but,
>again it seems almost random. It also seems to be related (inconsistently)
>to turning a backdrop on or off -- turn it on, then off, then quit
>(sometimes) crash.
>Has anyone else encountered this problem with the "quit" command? Any
>thoughts of what is causing the app to crash when it is quitting?
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If you're using tool tips, there was an issue with that at one point. I'm not sure whether it was fixed for 1.1.1. It is definitely fixed in the next version.


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