OT - Sound Editing on OSX

Klaus Major kmajor at metascape.org
Wed Jun 19 12:27:01 EDT 2002

Hi Scott,

try "Sound Studio", free for 14 days

Or "Spark ME" which is even totally free.

Both work fine for me. But i just do some editing for multimedia-sounds.

> Has anyone come across a decent sound editor for OSX?  We're currently
> looking at Cacophony which is very similar to the long abandoned 
> SoundEdit.

Yeah, that good ol' dinosaur :-)
I still use it on Calssic to do some batch-converting.
It still works :-)

There is a light version of "Deck" (www.bias-inc.com) at a moderate 
price that supports up to 8 channels.
Just checked it's 99 bucks.

Unfortunately i have not seen or tested "Deck" yet.

Ah, "Audacity" is another freeware-tool that supports multichannel.

Search "versiontracker" an evaluate by yourself...

Always better than the best recommendation ;-)

> I'm wondering if anyone has had any other success with editors.
> (Unfortunately OSX appears to have [yet another] bug that causes audio 
> to
> cut out periodically.  sigh.)
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi

Hope that helps.


Klaus Major
kmajor at metascape.org

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