cloning (was Transcript..)

Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at
Tue Jun 18 02:28:28 EDT 2002

someone wrote:
Given the clone command you do 
not even need bg behaviour to create a stack of identical cards. 

Sure, but isn't it more efficient, in terms of editing and memory, to create a group of all objects on the first card then use
'new card' , instead of 'clone this card"?  "New Card" will automatically 'place' that group on each card (effectively
creating a single background) which, when you think of it, is exactly the same behaviour as Hypercard.   
If you want to make a change in a stack created with 'clone' you will have to change one card, delete all the others, then
reclone.  With the 'group, new card' method, you need only edit the group on any one card to change the entire stack.
How many times have I 'not' grouped something, and later wished to god that I had..........

mark mitchell

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