DLOG under mac OS X

Klaus Major kmajor at metascape.org
Tue Jun 18 02:28:01 EDT 2002

Bonjour Yves,

> Hello,
> When you have a DLOG under Mac OS X with for example a "cancel" btn and 
> and "OK" btn, you sse that the "OK" btn in Blue Aqua lite up.
> How can I proceed to make the same when building an appl with RR ?
> Thank you.
> -- Greetings.
> Yves COPPE

if you mean these lovely, extremely cpu-consuming ;-), throbbing 
(glowing) buttons then you can

1. wait until RR supports that feature (not yet, and not in the next 
version unforunately)


2. fake it with some selfmade buttons (animated gifs for example...)

Sorry, Yves...

Au revoir

Klaus Major
kmajor at metascape.org

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