quit on Mac OS X

Yves Coppé yvescoppe at skynet.be
Mon Jun 17 17:33:01 EDT 2002

>>I've made an app with Rev for Mac OS X 10.1.5 in French
>>I don't need to set a "Quit" menu because the first menu 
>>(application menu) has as last item a "quit" function.
>>Now I'd like to translate this item in French
>>Quit -> Quitter with a "/Q" keyboard shortcut.
>>How to proceed ?
>Salut Yves,
>I believe the Revolution Team's answer is "use the Profile Manager 
>to create a French profile with the contents of the menu (and the 
>menuPick handler?) changed".
>However, the Profile Manager is the one Revolution tool I have not 
>tried to incorporate in my library.  Why is this?  Because I want my 
>applications end-user translatable, not limited to predetermined 
>When Serendipity Library is released, it will include the capability 
>to load all menus, menuItems, tool tips, prompts, error messages, 
>and selected labels from a text file in any (Western at least) 

I'm not sure I understand all your comments because I'm a newbie.
The only question I've understood is to translate some menus in 
French or Flemish. Those are my languages. I don't know any word in 
So you can contact me offlist if you want help therefore but...
it doesn't answer my question.
In macOS X, the first menu is an application menu (given by the mac 
system) and the last item is a quit item. I'd like this item could be 
changed in "quitter".
The Revolution app does a similar error : you have 2 "quit" items : 
one under the App menu and the other under the file menu.


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