Mac Menubars (was "quit on Mac OS X II")

HangTime revolutionist at
Mon Jun 17 08:59:01 EDT 2002

> What logic does
> RR/MC apply when converting a group of menu buttons to a Mac menubar?
> How does the interpreter determine whether to move a menuItem to the
> Apple or Applications menu?

I _think_ it's pretty simple logic. As I recall, the last item in the 
Help menu becomes the "About" menu under the Apple/Application menu.  
And both it, and the actual "Help" menuItems can be called anything 
you'd like.  I don't have any ideas about the original question, though 
(even if you make an app with no mac menu bar, the application menu 
still has a Quit menuitem under it, so it looks like it's part of the 
system.  Hmmm, perhaps "Quit" becomes whatever word the system is 
localized for?)

-- HangTime [Will Compute for Food]  B-)>

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