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Sun Jun 16 03:50:01 EDT 2002

>Bonjour Yves et Ludovic,
>>Yves Coppé wrote:
>>>When I first launch Revolution then ask "File -> Open", the stack
>>>appears grayed, so I cannot open it (what's a pity because I cannot
>>>insert it as substack in my project !)
>>It's happen to me when i copy windows stacks from a CD on my iMac.
>>The solution is to launch rev, double-clic on the stack and save it
>>after a little modification.
>i have a little custom-made palette with this open-button, that opens
>EVERY valid stack, with or without any suffix :-)
>on mouseUp
>   answer file "Is there any beer left ?"  ## ;-)
>   if it is not empty then
>     try
>       toplevel it
>     catch errornum
>       beep  ## if it is no valid stack of any kind
>     end try
>   end if
>end mouseUp
>Hope that helps.
>Au revoir...
>Klaus Major
>kmajor at

thank you. It's OK.


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