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Sun Jun 16 23:23:01 EDT 2002

on 6/16/02 2:10 AM, John Cuccio at jcuccio at wrote:

> Are you trying to make all of the buttons the same color or cover them up so
> they do not show.
> To make them a different color. Hold Down the shift button while selecting
> all the buttons you want. Select the color you want.
> To hide the buttons use a another button or blank image. Set the layer to a
> higher number then the buttons you want to hide.
I seem to have deleted the original post, so please forgve me if I'm butting
in stupidly, but you can always 'hide' (command) and 'show' buttons. Also,
you can script images just like buttons, and use them to layer over (cover)
other objects.

Sometimes I have objects close together and I don't want the user to
accidentally click wrong ones, so, rather than go through the disconcerting
process of actually disabling or hiding them, I just temporarily "show" a
transparent button over them. The user is unaware of this, it's just a trick
to keep them out of trouble without making any noticeable changes to the

On the other hand, sometimes I cover objects with a graphical image designed
explicitily to depict a covering metaphor, like a curtain, a lid, or a door,
or even something more subtle and whispy, like a translucent color. I think
you can even animate these into position. I haven't tried this, but I think
it would be a nice effect in some cases.

Best regards,
Ken N.

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