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> As for your password protection. This is very easy to spread the =
> Password. If you sold it to 1 person, and he/she liked your product, =
> he/she would tell a couple of his/her friends, and give them the =
> password. Then the whole thing over again. SO, that's why I am working =
> on a Key Generator.

In the murky cporners of the 'Net where the unevolved trade such things, it
would appear that key gens are presumed:  most serialz sites include name
and company info along with the serial.

My own pursuits along these lines stop at those sufficiently difficult to
dissuade the casual thief.  Beyond that seems a case of diminishing returns,
and I'd rather put my development time into bullet-point features.

Read this great article?:

Bitwise Operator: The Plain Truth About Piracy


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