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How do you obtain the drive s/n from Rev?
I assume this only works on Windows?  (which is ok, I just want to understand the scope).

-- D 

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For my download games I use password protection.
I also store the drives serial number for each unlock.
If the number of unlocks for different drives exceeds a certain amount the account is deactivated.
If the drive serial number does not match then the game won't run.

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    I am working on a "Code Generator/Key Generator/CD-Key Protection/What ever you may want to call it"; Based on their Name and Zip Code. I might make it a little more complex then that, but what are the chances of getting someone with the Same Name, in the same Zip Code? 
As for your password protection. This is very easy to spread the Password. If you sold it to 1 person, and he/she liked your product, he/she would tell a couple of his/her friends, and give them the password. Then the whole thing over again. SO, that's why I am working on a Key Generator. Similar to how RunRev does their Registering, but not as complex. 
Keep in touch, help me out a little bit, and I will send you over the Source Code for this Key Generator once I get it finished. 
 - Josh Dye

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I've been wondering how to password-protect my Rev project for shareware distribution.  Maybe regcode-protect would be a better term, since I'm not talking about only locking the scripts.  I've posted questions several times on this topic and haven't seen any good solutions that cover all platforms.

As a fall-back position, I'd like to at least password-protect my stacks that I compile for Windows (alas, that is the bulk of my target audience).  I don't know anything about the Registry, but...  Can I write a username to the Registry and auto-generate a password based on that?  If so, what are the pros and cons?  What are the potential headaches with upgrades or users moving to a different machine or hard drive?  Can someone give an example (something like Ken Ray's tip win002)?

-- D 

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