Manuals have arrived!

Marian.Petrides at Marian.Petrides at
Thu Jun 13 03:04:01 EDT 2002

I ordered the manuals the minute they became available (literally) and 
much to my delight they were at my doorstep today when I got home.

For those of you who had doubts about the shipping cost, these little 
puppies weigh a ton--they are quite voluminous!  I, for one, am glad I 
didn't have to print the whole thing out on my own (although I do 
appreciate having had the option through Geoff's RTFer stack).

Anyway, many thanks to the folks at RunRev for getting them into my 
grubby little mitts so quickly!!!

Oh, and I am in Madison (Jackson), Mississippi USA for those of you 
wondering how far around the world the manuals have made it to date.

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